Briston open space

Mr Peter Moulton (Chairman + all committees)
Mr Ian Chilton (Vice Chairman + all committees)

Mr Matthew Pickhaver (Personnel + Planning Committee + Facebook)
Mr Terry Girling (Finance & General Purpose + Allotments + Planning Committees)
Mr Martyn Barr (Finance & General Purpose + Planning Committees + website)
Mrs Noeleen Woodhouse (Personnel + Finance & General Purpose Committees)
Mr Simon Twiddy (Allotments Committee)
Mrs Hayley Quinsey (Finance & General Purpose Committee)
Mr Ian Seward (Allotments + Planning Committees)
Mr Graham Pickhaver (Allotments + Personnel + Finance & General Purpose Committees)
Mr David Chambers (Finance & General Purpose Committee)

Parish Councillors are elected for a four-year term, which started in May 2019. The next Parish Council election will therefore be in May 2023.

Download register of members’ interests.

Briston Parish Council is the Trustee of the Higginbottom Recreational Charity. This charity owns and manages the Recreation Ground and all the buildings and facilities on it.


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